Raphanus Raphanistrum

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We Are A Leading Manufacturer Of Bombay Jocker and Palak Patta From Rajkot, India.

Variety : Bombay Jocker (Radish seeds)

Time Of SowingAugust To December
Seed Rate Per Acre3 To 4 Kg
Day To IrrigationAs Per Requirement
Days To Maturity50 To 55 Days
Leaf ColourGreen Colour
Fruit ColourPure White
Fruit Size25 To 30 Cm
Yield Per Acre (approx)16 To 18 Tons
SpecialitySpinach Type Leaves

Variety : Zebra (Radish seeds)

Time Of SowingAugust – December
Eed Rate Per Acre3 To 4 Kg
Ay To IrrigationAs Per Requirement
Ays To Maturity50 To 55 Days
Eaf ColourGreen Colour
Ruit ColourPure White
Ruit Size25 To 30 Cm
Ield Per Acre (approx)16 To 18 Ton
PecialityCrunchy Leaves